Voice to Word Consulting, eh!

Voice to Word Consulting focuses on clear communications for a Canadian context.

We take over where ESL courses leave off. We help non-native speakers understand formal Canadian English as well as casual expressions, accents and vocalization, body language and social skills. By revealing the nuances of how Canadians communicate, Voice to World Consulting helps foreign trained professionals understand others more clearly and communicate more effectively.

Based in Toronto, we work with individuals and organizations by offering one-on-one coaching, specialized corporate programmes and customized training. Our goal is to increase the personal and organizational success of our clients.

Integrating adult education, voice studies, cross-cultural communications and ESL training, the qualified teachers at Voice to Word Consulting take a multi-faceted approach to improving the communication skills of non-native speakers.

Voice to Word Trainers

Heather Chetwynd
Mark Prince
Carolyn Johnson

Heather Chetwynd

Founder and Director;

Communication Skills Coach

Heather Chetwynd has worked for 30 years in the field of adult education and English as a Second Language (ESL). Holding a Masters degree specializing in voice and adult education, Heather has trained adult educators and developed educational materials for training non-native speakers. With her specialization in voice, she brings a unique approach to ESL issues such as accent reduction and pronunciation.

Heather has taught extensively in business settings, community programmes and university-college preparation courses. She has worked overseas in adult education and teacher training and, over the years, she has trained students from all over the world with a wide variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Concurrently with training at Voice to Word, she is also professor of Canadian Workplace Culture at Sheridan College in Mississauga.

Heather has taken numerous additional courses and workshops including training in pronunciation and cross cultural communications, Neuro Linguistic Programming, alternative education, hypnosis, music and voice studies. She also learned Spanish as an adult, a process through which she developed an intuitive understanding of the complexity of second-language learning.


Cross-Cultural Communications

Mark Prince

Speech and Accent Reduction Coach

Mark Prince is TESL Canada certified, holds an honours degree in theatre and has studied with some of Canada’s top voice and text coaches. He has worked in ESL and voice coaching in both the UK and Toronto for over a decade. With background in both professional theatre and English as a Second Language, Mark combines theatre with experiential learning in business training and corporate coaching. His experience includes coaching in a broad range of communicative skills including refining accent and voice quality, and developing greater skill in conversation, sales, interviews, presentations and meetings.

Mark also has considerable experience in preparing students to undertake English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Of note is his facilitation of practical examinations for health care professionals educated abroad and his participation in founding and runningRuckus Ensemble, a theatre company dedicated to transferring research knowledge about the brain injury experience to health care providers.



Carolyn Johnson

English and Accent Reduction Coach

Carolyn Johnson has received two Bachelor degrees – one in linguistics and one in education – and is certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. She is qualified in CELTA (Certificate in English Training to Adults) and has extensive training in second language acquisition. She is also certified to administer the CANtest (used to determine English proficiency and fluency levels for college and professional licensing associations.)

In her career, Carolyn has taught students of all ages, from primary to university to working professionals. Her ESL teaching includes teaching academic ESL at the pre-university level, and pronunciation courses at both the University of Manitoba and of Toronto. She has done extensive private and group accent modification coaching with university students and professionals from many linguistic backgrounds. Carolyn has a personal understanding of what is involved in learning a second-language as she is fluent in French and also a qualified French teacher.