confidenceThroughout this site we tell you about the services and value that Voice to Word Consulting offers. Now, let us show you. The following success stories show how our services have been put to work by a few of our clients who have developed more confidence and skill in communicating correctly and appropriately within the English business environment. They will help you understand how we can work for you as well. Click here for shorter testimonials from previous clients.


CASE STUDY – Moving into the Director’s Position

The following case study describes an example of one kind of training request we received at Voice to Word.  While not the most common situation,  it gives an idea of the variety of contexts and needs we might deal with.

In early 2012, late one Friday afternoon, we received a call with an urgent request for on-site training. We had one week to prepare the employee for a very critical interview. The only information we received was that the employee was “a little rough around the edges!” …. Read more >




I work as Emergency Management Advisor and, on a daily basis, prepare slide decks, write e-mails and give presentations. However, when I first started in this position, I had weaknesses in grammar, writing and accent which were causing me problems. I found that the meaning I was trying to convey was often misunderstood and I struggled over the correct wording. …Read More >


I was educated in China and Switzerland and have been working in Toronto for several years. Although I have a Master degree and a professional background, I often experienced prejudice because of my accent, as if I were unsophisticated and not too intelligent. I began my training motivated by the goal of improving both my personal and professional life …Read More >


In my work, I promote a system of computer modelling used by pharmaceutical companies and so I interact with clients in the US and worldwide. In general, I am completely comfortable interacting with others in English. But occasionally I have felt …Read More >


I have been in Canada for 13 years. For the first ten, I never thought of improving my English since, in my opinion, my skill was adequate for daily use in Canada. Three years ago, a new supervisor complained about my English and insisted I make some improvements …Read More >


I knew I had an accent, but wasn’t aware of what the problems were so I didn’t have any idea how to correct them. It was very embarrassing when native speakers didn’t understand my oral English. I just wanted people to understand me! …Read More >


I came to Canada from Korea. After six years in Canada, I had no problem communicating in English and felt confident with my pronunciation. One day, a friend mentioned that I had an accent. I was shocked — I couldn’t accept the fact that I had an accent …Read More >