Communicating with clients-cross cultural communicationsCommunicating with clients can make or break a deal and/or relationship. Making sure everyone is one the same page is critical to a successful business deal. The following article discusses communication issues across cultures with a particular focus on the writers profession – interior decorating.


Communicating with Clients:

Designing to Fit the Vision: The challenges!

By Robert Boccabella

When English is the client’s second language, communication can run into snags, and misunderstandings can innocently develop.

Many of us speak more than one language. As our developing world has expanded and transportation has shortened the distances among differing cultures, our communities have become more diverse – and more interesting.

While there are many advantages in being able to speak more than one language, and understand translation of its words, we think in our original and first language. Literal translation, unfortunately, does not deliver all the goods!

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