Voice to Word Consulting offers customized communication skills training in communication skills for individuals living in the Toronto area who speak English fluently but are non-Native speakers.

Why should you be interested in our services?

Non-native speakers of English are often at a disadvantage in the workplace. Every day, internationally-educated professionals miss potential work opportunities or lose jobs due to ineffective communication skills. Accents, vocabulary, listening skills, organization of thoughts, directness, etc. – all these aspects of communication are shaped by our experience and culture. Without proper orientation and practice, you have gaps of knowledge which can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation.

When someone hasn’t understood you, you may begin to feel unsure of yourself. A Native-speaker would probably think the listener hadn’t heard properly. But the non-Native speaker moves into self-doubt. You may imagine that your accent is too strong or that you have used a term incorrectly or acted inappropriately. This may or may not be the case but how do you know?

Feelings of insecurity and discomfort permeate both work and social relations, and unrefined communication can limit professional potential. But what can you do? Most ESL training does not address issues such as accent and vocabulary at a sufficiently advanced and refined level and often completely disregards cultural issues.

What are the benefits of training with us?

  • One-on-one coaching – we work with you individually to address your needs as efficiently as possible
  • Customized training – we teach you whatever you need to improve your communication skills in the English Canadian environment
  • Accent modification – we help you refine your accent so that you can speak clearly and understand better
  • Cultural competency – we help you understand appropriate behaviours in the Canadian context

What’s the first step?

Make an assessment appointment. We offer a promotional rate on our assessments and never pressure you to sign up. If you decide to enrol, the price of the assessment is deducted from the cost of your training.  You can’t lose.

Contact us anytime to find out more or book an appointment. We want to see you succeed!