Cultural Intelligence (also called Cultural Quotient, CQ or Cultural Competence) refers to ” the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures.” (Wikipedia) Lacking it could seriously affect the success of your business, especially when working in multicultural environments. And that’s almost everywhere in Canada, at least in the big cities. And when we look around the world, we can say that this skill is needed in most places. Africa, for example, which is the focus of the following article, has “54 different countries, as many as 42 different currencies and, by some count, over 3000 languages.”

Even without immigration and migration, how we interpret and respond to cultural values, beliefs and behaviours can either make or break a sale. And consequently, according to the following article, Cultural Intelligence is emerging as a key tool for obtaining results in business.

Lack of Cultural Intelligence could Damage your Business

by Mpho Makhaye

Leaders with higher Cultural Intelligence (CQ) are deemed as more approachable and experience more cooperation from fellow colleagues and less resistance.

Globalisation, cyber-business and the proliferation of cross border trade has opened up the floodgates for businesses in Africa to take their goods and services global. With Africa on the map, businesses need to shift their approach to accommodate cultural differences. If not, they stand to lose business to people who can relate to their customers and talk their language.

The Cultural Intelligence Quotient (CQ), introduced in 2003 by Earley and Ang, is defined as a measure of cross cultural competence.

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