Having a LinkedIn profile is a professional must these days. Whether you are looking for a job, hired to do some coaching, developing your professional network or helping your company attract new employees, having a LinkedIn profile is becoming the norm and is expected.

There are many things to keep in mind when putting together your profile. Knowing why you have it is the first consideration. If your primary interest is to get a job or move into a new position, read the following article which points out some key things to consider if you would like to attract recruiters.

linkedin-logo5 ways to make it easy for recruiters to find you on LinkedIn

By Alyson Weiss

According to the 7th Annual Social Recruiting Survey by Jobvite, 95% of all recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates on LinkedIn. 79% have hired a candidate they found on LinkedIn.

But that doesn’t mean you can update your LinkedIn profile and then rest on your laurels – there’s a lot of competition out there! There are more than 300 million LinkedIn users and the job market, while recovering, is still tight. You need to strategically write your profile to maximize your chances of being found and to pass a recruiter’s six-second scan.

What recruiters look for on LinkedIn

According to Dan Stiffler, a sales recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate account user since 2011, job seekers must meet five areas of qualification for a recruiter to consider them:

  • Can they find you? If you not show up in LinkedIn Recruiter search results, you cannot be considered a candidate.

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