Corporate Services – Helping Companies Support their Foreign Trained Employees

Voice to Word Consulting corporate services help companies and their employees by offering customized training in communication skills for internationally-trained employees who are non-Native speakers of English.

Why we target this market

Corporate services-smiling employeesThe talents of non-native speakers support the success of many organizations in Canada. Yet, sometimes, the contribution of these valuable employees is limited by inadequate communication skills.

Non-native speakers of English are often at a disadvantage in the workplace. Accents, vocabulary, listening skills, organization of thoughts, directness, etc. – such communicative practices are moulded by experience and culture. Insufficient linguistic skill or cultural competence can lead to feelings of insecurity and discomfort, limiting professional potential, affecting social relations and, occasionally, causing costly or dangerous errors. Most training in English as a Second Language does not address these issues at a sufficiently advanced and refined level and often completely disregards cultural issues.

How does your company benefit from addressing such issues?

Training which responds to the true needs of your employees is good for everyone. Customized one-on-one training is cost and time effective as no time is wasted. And while many internationally-trained employees would jump at the chance to work with a private communication coach, few know where to go or are able to afford it. And those that have little awareness of their issues leave HR departments at a loss regarding what steps to take.

How will our training benefit your company?

Voice to Word Consulting works with companies to take employees beyond ESL training. Your employees can develop corporate communication skills that are effective within your organization’s culture and the Canadian business context. Companies that offer private communication coaching to their employees benefit in many ways. Following their lead, your company will:

  • Tap the full potential of your employees
  • Create a confident work force
  • Support good employee relations
  • Avoid some costly errors
  • Improve customer service
  • Attract high level immigrant professionals
  • Improve profitability
  • Be a model in your industry

What’s the first step?

Voice to Word Consulting has helped dozens of companies improve the communication skills of their employees. If you are clear about your needs, contact us for more information on the specific programs we offer. If you are unclear, we can help with on-site needs assessments and program proposals. Whether you decide to offer group courses, workshops or one-on-one coaching, an investment in communication coaching now is an investment in a prosperous and vital future.

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