Our needs assessment sets the stage for your success.

At Voice to Word Consulting, your personalized program is developed based on an in-depth needs assessment of your language skills and a thorough understanding of your personal goals.

We begin all one-on-one coaching with a recorded test which helps us determine oral language issues, including accent modification and appropriate conversation skills. If indicated, an assessment of grammar and writing as well as interpersonal and cultural skills may also be carried out.

With this understanding of where you are, we focus on where you want to go – your personal goals. Then, we develop a personalized program that achieves real results.

Determining the Needs of Your Employees and Your Organization

Because no two organizations are alike, Voice to Word Consulting also offers in-depth communication needs analyses. First, on an organizational level, we explore the challenges and issues presented by your non-native speakers. We determine the number of people affected and potential ways to address their needs within your organizational structure.

Integrating the results of our needs assessments with organizational goals, we develop a plan that could include one-on-one coaching and/or customized group programs.



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