One-on-One Coaching & Group ClassesYou Choose – One-on-One or Group Training

Voice to Word Consulting offers a variety of training modalities to suit your needs and budget. To maximize your time and reach your goals more quickly, we offer one-on-one training to the general public and corporations alike. For those on a tight budget, we offer public courses targeted to specific audiences, public seminars, and customized workshops and courses for corporations.


 One-on-One Coaching – Efficient & Flexible

Accent, tone, intonation, rhythm, body language – so much goes into communication that is beyond the vocabulary and grammar focus of a traditional ESL program. One-on-One Coaching is the fastest, most efficient way to address all these issues.

Customized one-on-one training is cost and time effective. We work with you individually to address your needs as efficiently as possible, wasting no time. Class times are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your schedule. We offer face-to-face training in our Toronto office, at your place of business or via Skype.

One-on-One Coaching begins with a needs assessment. We identify your strengths and where you could improve. We get clear on your personal goals and the situations in which you would like to communicate better. Then a personalized program – which can include a variety of communication focuses – is developed specifically for you. With our guidance and lots of practice, you will speak better and communicate with confidence.


The Group Experience – Customized to Need

Individuals and organizations rely on Voice to Word Consulting for seminars and courses that build success by improving pronunciation and communication skills.

The group experience need not be generic. Voice to Word Consulting customizes the group experience to meet the needs of participants and/or sponsoring organizations. We periodically run public courses targeted to specific linguistic groups as well as seminars on specific areas of concern, such as culture, pronunciation and other aspects of communication.

Workshops and courses are a great way for corporations to support the ongoing development of internationally-trained employees as they continue to improve their communication skills. You can choose to hold a course, workshop or seminar from the broad range of service areas we specialize in. Voice to Word Consulting works with you to determine your objectives then customizes seminars and workshops to your specific requirements.

Let us know your communication concerns and we will develop a program for your group. We will ensure that the specific course or seminar we develop for you meets your needs.



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