I realized that speaking clearly was key for my professional and personal success. I was motivated but couldn’t identify my pronunciation mistakes and issues I had with speed and tone of voice. When I first met Heather at Voice to Word, she had already analyzed my case (via recordings,) was ready for me and deeply understood my challenges. The materials were very well organized and effective and I found the recorded sessions and materials extremely useful. Heather’s patience, humour and personalized care, combined with the relaxing, home-like environment, helped me to relax, focus and absorb the content. It has been a great learning experience, and I highly recommend Voice to Word’s services.
Merling Sapene, Bombardier Aerospace

My experience with Voice to Word and my trainer, Heather, was excellent. I was looking for training focused on job interview skills for a non-native speaker of English and Heather tailored my training exactly as I wanted. I enjoyed each lesson thanks to her highly accepting and positive attitude, as well as her precise advice. The methods and materials she introduced to me were interesting and practical. I learned that a job interview is about not only what I say but also how I say it and that small things matter. This applies to all types of communication but this is hard to realize by oneself. It was, therefore, very useful to have Heather’s professional and objective eye to reflect on some tendencies in my communication style. I am very pleased with the result of the training and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills.
Akiko Takesue, Private Student

I really value these classes. I now realize that, when it comes to refining the use of English language, there is so much to learn – skills such as paying attention to others, applying techniques learned in class and getting rid of bad habits. For example, I hadn’t realized that listening actively was actually not easy when your mind is racing through translations, finding the right words, and trying to deliver an articulate message, all at once. Mark is a fantastic trainer and he has a lot of patience with his students. He listens actively and has been able to provide the necessary course material to achieve my goals. I’ve learned a lot from working with both Heather and Mark.
Florence Tang, Private Student

I have used both Skype and face to face training. I find Skype to be very convenient and as effective as face-to-face. In addition to the convenience of Skyping at a place of my choosing and timing, I get more easily absorbed in the lesson being taught. I find the lessons to be more focused as both the teacher and the student are totally engaged and the process is very interactive.
Neil Chan, Private Student

My experience with Voice to Word was great! I worked with trainer Mark Prince on achieving a more Canadian accent. I loved how he worked organically and helped me to feel comfortable and good about myself while doing this work. Previously the idea of working on my accent had made me cringe because it was something always out of my grasp. In five sessions, I became clear on what to do and was given the tools to move forward with this work. As an actress, I recommend Voice to Word to anyone wanting to speak more clearly and in their own voice.
Debora Demestre, Private Student

I’m so lucky to have had the chance to participate in Carolyn’s pronunciation course. She taught us much more than I had expected. And I really like the way she teaches – making the class so happy and relaxed. Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable and helpful time.
Annie Ma, CPAC Pronunciation Class

This one-on-one tutoring really helps me a lot. Now I’ve realized what my pronunciation sounds like! But with such a great teacher as you, I’m confident I will improve significantly with your help.
Jing Shen, Private student

Thank you for your excellent training. I really enjoyed it and found it very useful to boost my confidence. Your coaching, along with your words of encouragement, have meant a lot to me.
Tamaki Nishimura, Private student

I finally know how to improve my pronunciation, how to work with my tongue, and what kind of practice to do every day. Now I can hear myself when I speak correctly and when I speak incorrectly. Thank you for all that you did, not only for teaching but also for being such a nice trainer as well.
Natalia Atapina, Brainhunter

I just want you to know how much I appreciate having had this training provided; your competency and professionalism combined with your patience and kindness just make up the perfect formula for an effective learning process.
Anna Francesca, Private Student

Thank you very much for everything. It was one of my best training classes I have ever had.  I hope to have another chance to participate in the next session.
Nasser Hamzehloo, SNC Nuclear

Thanks for providing me invaluable insights on my speaking behaviour. I learnt a great deal from all my sessions with you. It was really pleasure working with you.
Manoj, Private Student

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have an assessment session with Mark
I can tell you that his assessment was handled very professionally. He demonstrated and explained my weaknesses and what exactly should be improved. It was a very nice eye opening experience, I enjoyed it a lot.
Lia Lomtadze-Dedina, Private Student

I took the training because I knew that I needed to improve my English to further develop my career. The one-on-one training has been very helpful to correct my pronunciation. My colleagues now say I can speak very clearly. I know my weaknesses and how to improve them. Heather has become a kind of mentor for me now. Whenever I have any pronunciation problem, I always think about her first.
Corporate Client, Brainhunter

After the training sessions, I had an interview with one of the Big 4 Accounting firms. I found I really benefited (from the training) because I found out where the problems were, and I performed well during the interview as I was very confident. Now I am with the firm I wanted to be with. So working with Heather has definitely been a great learning experience, and more than just learning how to speak.
Rachel J. Li, Private Student

After completing my 10-week one-on-one English Pronunciation course, I would like to express my appreciation.  The training revealed my pronunciation weaknesses and allowed me to, not only develop awareness, but also know how to improve. The MP3 files you provided are great resources for me to keep learning. Also, from discussing broader topics, including social and cultural issues and traveling, many questions which have been in my mind for years have been solved. Your knowledge and patience are most appreciated.
Xun Wang, Private Student

The training was very useful and Mark is an excellent teacher. My experience with Voice to Word has been nothing but positive. Thank you for everything.
Kiril D,  Private Student


Very sensitive issue was presented factually and professionally.
Vern Vautour, CBRC, SEA Professional Development Conference

It was very nice to have the opportunity to improve our English pronunciation with our instructor Mark.  We really appreciated his help with our pronunciation and how he helped to correct the way we speak English. The classes were very useful and enjoyable. We will keep practising to improve my pronunciation.
CPAC Class

In our pronunciation class, we gave presentations towards the end of the program. Carolyn’s comments really meant a lot to me. It seemed I finally woke up and became really clear on how to continue and improve and what to focus on. I also finally understood how pronunciation is affected by voiced and voiceless consonants, such as the difference between “bet & bed” or “got & God.” Thank you very much.
Linda Lian, 2015, CPAC student

The presentation was very appropriate given the demands of our helpdesk – I even mentioned how much I enjoyed it to our supervisors. Personally, I’d never thought of culture as it relates to “community” vs the individual and have even mentioned the concept a couple of times today. Everybody who attended walked away thinking about how communication relates to our jobs.
John Coldwell, Contact Centre Agent, Ontario Shared Services

Excellent! Very informative, practical and useful. Great material and presentation – too bad it wasn’t longer.
Laurie Fleming, LEF/YBOC

I am very fortunate to attend this pronunciation class. Compared with other pronunciation classes I have attended, this one is especially designed for Chinese. The instructor demonstrates extensive experience with Chinese and knows exactly the common speaking challenges we face. My favourite part is the one-on-one correction, which tells you what problems you have with which sounds and shows you how to make them right. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to improve his/her English speaking skills.
Yucheng Zhang, CPAC class member

Heather did a terrific job of covering several sections of this complicated subject. Good knowledge was provided and great handouts. (It was) well-structured which led to a great exchange of information.
Danny Brennan, TBDC

Very informative. Good intimate conversation, lots of respect shared for various viewpoints.
Pamela Richardson, LEF/YBOC

Carolyn, you are the best teacher I’ve ever met in teaching how to pronounce more natively.  I’ve learned a lot from the course and also improved in my pronunciation.
​Peng Zhang, CPAC c;ass member

Well done! Helped solidify and bring heightened awareness of issues which were inhibiting client communications and progress. Good balance of lecture and interactive activity.
Michael Medina, CBRC, Professional Development Conference

The seminar was marvelous. I would like to congratulate you because it was not only interesting but also especially relevant for both the business world and social life.
Eduardo Villa, President of Witty Canada Corporation, Small Business Forum Seminar


Heather’s technical expertise is accompanied by creativity, clarity and a strong sense of order. Her competence and initiative is displayed with warmth and consideration for others, creating a working environment which encourages the creative flow and is mutually enriching.
Danniel Star, Danniel Star Seminars

Heather Chetwynd is one of the most creative and versatile people that I have ever worked with. She completes projects effectively and efficiently due to her enthusiasm and remarkable organizational skills. Her attention to both the “big picture” as well as to the smallest details helped to make our working association a real pleasure.
Merillee Brand, Learning Materials Facilitator, Toronto Board of Education

By drawing on her rich collection of skills — as cross-cultural educator, writer, artist, musician and producer — Heather has the ability to combine diverse elements into a cohesive and lively whole. The educational materials she creates are inspirational.
Deborah Barndt, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University