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Canadian English Communication Skills for foreign trained professionals.

Voice to Word Consulting is committed to improving the communication skills of non-native speakers – to optimizing personal and organizational success by refining the way people speak.

Based in Toronto, we work with individuals and companies to improve all forms of English and Canadian cultural communication skills. Taking our clients beyond ESL training, we offer many specialized services including:

What’s the first step?

We can help you refine your English skills, gain confidence and improve your performance in the Canadian business setting.

We determine how to best support your objectives with a needs assessment. Then, through one-on-one coaching, seminars and courses, we clarify your specific communication difficulties, lead you through the process of developing awareness, building skills, learning how to practice effectively and integrating your learning.

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Excellent! Very informative, practical and useful. Great material and presentation – too bad it wasn’t longer.
Laurie Fleming, LEF/YBOC
Well done! Helped solidify and bring heightened awareness of issues which were inhibiting client communications and progress. Good balance of lecture and interactive activity.
Michael Medina, CBRC, Professional Development Conference
Heather’s technical expertise is accompanied by creativity, clarity and a strong sense of order. Her competence and initiative is displayed with warmth and consideration for others, creating a working environment which encourages the creative flow and is mutually enriching.
Danniel Star, Danniel Star Seminars
I finally know how to improve my pronunciation, how to work with my tongue, and what kind of practice to do every day. Now I can hear myself when I speak correctly and when I speak incorrectly. Thank you for all that you did, not only for teaching but also for being such a nice trainer as well.
Natalia Atapina, Brainhunter
The seminar was marvelous. I would like to congratulate you because it was not only interesting but also especially relevant for both the business world and social life.
– Small Business Forum Seminar
Eduardo Villa, President of Witty Canada Corporation
Very sensitive issue was presented factually and professionally.
Vern Vautour, CBRC, SEA Professional Development Conference
I just want you to know how much I appreciate having had this training provided; your competency and professionalism combined with your patience and kindness just make up the perfect formula for an effective learning process.
Anna Francesca, Private Student
Thank you very much for everything. It was one of my best training classes I have ever had. I hope to have another chance to participate in the next session.
Nasser Hamzehloo, SNC Nuclear


Our Team

Heather Chetwynd
Heather ChetwyndDirector, Language and Culture Coach
Heather Chetwynd has worked for 30 years in the field of adult education and English as a Second Language (ESL). Holding a Masters degree specializing in voice and adult education
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Mark Prince
Mark PrinceSpeech and Accent Modification Coach
Mark Prince is TESL Canada certified, holds an honours degree in theatre and has studied with some of Canada’s top voice and text coaches
…Read More
Carolyn Johnson
Carolyn JohnsonEnglish and Accent Modification Coach
Carolyn Johnson has received two Bachelor degrees – one in linguistics and one in education – and is certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. She is qualified in CELTA
…Read More
Julie Cohn
Julie CohnGrammar, Voice and Accent Modification Coach
Julie Cohn is a Speech-Language Pathologist registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario.
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Communicate Effectively

Our mission at Voice to Word Consulting is to empower non-native speakers to function confidently and effectively in Canadian business and culture by refining our clients’ English communication skills.

Reach Your Accent Modification and Communication Goals Quickly and Maximize Your Time With One-on-One Coaching.

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