I received a newsletter from the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group today which summarized some interesting projected statistics taken from Statistics Canada. Here is what they say the make-up of the city will be in 2036:
  • Toronto will still be the Canadian Census Metropolitan Area with the largest proportion of immigrants. Between 46.0% and 52.8% of its population will have immigrant status.
  • Between 65.0% and 67.3% of immigrants in Toronto will have been born in Asia, 13.4% to 14.1% in the Americas and between 11.8% and 13.5% in Europe.
  • Between 48.4% and 53.4% of people residing in Toronto will not have English or French as their mother tongue.
The Toronto Workforce Innovation Group is a really interesting group (http://workforceinnovation.ca/) that looks at the labour market in the GTA. Worth looking at.